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Websites and organisations with truly wonderful meditations

I am calling this meditation, but it can be called many other names. The important thing is that it is a tool that we can use to calm, focus and free ourselves of some (or all) of the pressures that our minds and our thinking put us through.
Just like learning to walk, drive , read and write - it will take some time. Five minutes a day, 2 minutes a day it is up to you. You don't have to even sit in a quiet place, do some walking meditation, or mindful meditation in the car, shopping or while you wait in line at the bank.
Not all of us will like or benefit from the same meditation, so try as many as you like and don't give up if it doesn't have instant success. Does your mind keep thinking....that is the nature of the mind, it is normal and healthy.
You have the equipment - you just need an instruction manual. Meditation is not religious nor does is specifically belong to a particular culture, it is worldwide and its only aim is to make us focused, calm, open and to improve our potential.

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This site is traditional Buddhist meditation

The Brahma Kumaris are worldwide and a wonderful community that's sole aim is to help you discover yourself.

I like this site as it includes meditation from the world, includes walking meditation and written in a clear manner

Sufi Meditation

Thich Nhat Hahn...Plum Village- Buddhist- but aimed at helping all people regain a joyful life. No matter what religion, belief or culture.