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  Double Happiness silver keyring
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Double Happiness Silver Keyring
Double Happiness
Long lasting love and strong
Since the Tang Dynasty, 618-907, the Double Happiness symbol has meant a successful and long happy union.
The Tang Dynasty was the only period that had a female Emperor, Wu Zetian. This seems a fitting time to have the words Double Happiness created. It was said that a well known herbal practitioner, who lived high in the mountains, healed a young man, who then fell in love with the herbalists daughter. Before the young man left to attend an important examination, being held to choose a minister of the court, the herbalists young daughter gave him the right hand part of an antithetical couplet (two line verse) for the student to match. He took it with him to his examination. When the emperor asked him a question, he realised that he had the corresponding couplet and won the competition with it. The young man returned to the girl and they married, creating Happy in two words to express their joy of finding one another. To this day, Double Happiness has signified great joy and happiness.

Colour silver finish
Size 25mm or 1" diameter
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