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Sage smudge sticks, loose and in sticks. Made and grown in Victoria Australia
  White sage smudge stick 18grams. (Salvia Apiana)
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White sage smudge stick, 18grams. (Salvia Apiana) White sage is the most sacred of all smudging herbs. Use with reverence.
Smudge Sticks Pack of 3 - Pure Sage 70mm (approx.)
Smudging is the sacred ceremony of cleansing yourself and others with smoke from certain herbs. Grandfather Sage (White Sage) is used to purify before a sacred ceremony or travelling a spiritual path. Sagebrush can be used for welcoming in the new day, or cleansing the body, home and workplace. By smudging with respect, the symbolism goes beyond the physical to enhance your spiritual connection. Proceed in a sacred way with reverence and gratitude.

Weight 25g
Height 110mm or 4.3"
Width 40MM OR 1.5"
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