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Green Jade finish Dragon figurine, perfect for gift for your boyfriend, corporate and used in Feng Shui
The Green Dragon symbolises the direction of East and Spring in Feng Shui. The Green Dragon in Feng Shui signifies the left side of the house looking towards the front door, from the inside. The Green Dragon signifies protection for the home dweller.Hills that symbolise the Green Dragon are normally higher than the White Tiger hills behind the dwelling.The White Tiger and the Green Dragon always co-exist and are inseparable, when a position exists for the White Tiger then a position will always exist for the Green Dragon. The Green Dragon is Yang, male energy.In Chinese Mythology the Dragon is a well known and much respected emblem for strength, goodness, courage and endurance and symbolises vigilance and security. The Dragon is the protector of the heavenly abodes of the gods.

Colour Green jade finish, made from crushed marble and resin composite
Size 88mm or 3.5"
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