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  Fu Dogs in jade finish
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Pair of Fu Dogs in jade finish comes in gift box with story
Fu Dogs
Lion Dogs
It is said that Fu Dogs originated from Fu Lin, formerly known as
Constantinople. The watchful Dog’s original master was Mo Li-Shou, the Angel of the North and also became the mascot of the Mountain God, Erh-Lang.
Fu Dogs or Lion Dogs, are described as small, with the swelling cape of dignity round its neck and the billowing standard of pomp above its back. This is believed to be a description of the Pekinese dog. Due to their similar appearance and purpose they are sometimes known as Temple Lions. Their function is similar, to protect and guard against evil and to promote honesty amongst men.
Khan Hsiang-tao said “The Dog is a creature that keeps watch, and is skillful in its selection of men; it will keep away from anyone who is not what they should be.” It is said that should a stray dog enter your home it is an indication of coming prosperity and an indication that the residents are honest people.Fu Dogs should be placed facing the front door or in a window, never place them on the ground but place on a small table or a windowsill.
Excellent for protection of a property.

Colour Green jade finish, made from crushed marble and resin composite
Height 50mm or 2"
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