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  Purple Jiso Bosatsu statue
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Purple resin Jizo statue, Jizo statue with hands folded. Such a peaceful expression. Made from purple resin and come sin a padded gift box with story.Peaceful Jizo statue in antique bronze finish. Standing with hands folded in front as a sign of humbleness.Gazing directly with eyes open as in meditation.
Jizo Bosatsu
Protection and Benevolence

Jizo Bosatsu is a well loved Japanese Bodhisattva. “He who encompasses the earth”.A Bodhisattva is one who stays on earth until all beings are saved. In China he is known as Dizang.Jizo vowed to help all sentient beings from torment and protect all children. He is closely linked with Avalokitesvara and Amitabah. Jizo is often known to be a protective family deity

Colour Frosted purple resin
Symbol Peace
Height 60mm or approx 2.5"
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