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  Brass finish Quan Yin statue
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Quan Yin
Represents Fertility, Compassion, Protection, Mercy and Unconditional Love.
The above mentioned qualities are symbolised by Quan Yin.
Quan Yin, Goddess of mercy, was originally the male Buddhist saint Avalokitesvara, he took the form of a female saint Quan Yin representing unconditional love, great mercy, compassion and to be the eternal protector of all children on earth.
Quan Yin has a strong link to The Virgin Mary, (Mother of Jesus Christ) who also represents these same qualities. The Virgin Mary and Quan Yin both represent the easing of suffering for all beings on earth.
We can all help in small ways within our personal lives, by experiencing the joy in helping another; no matter how insignificant that deed may appear.
Like drops of water in the great ocean, small acts of kindness have the potential to become world wide compassion.

Height 62mm or 2.5"
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